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Depuragua Canarias
Certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
Quality, the Environment and Safety
We are totally committed to Safety at Work and uphold a strict policy of “ZERO TOLERANCE”
Our commitment to Safety and the Environment
We pay close attention to all the details in order to protect the environment
The Environment
Adapted to even the most complex systems
A highly innovative company with the most recent technical resources.
Technical resources
With the guarantee of more than 12 years exerience in this field
We pay close attention to all the details in order to protect the environment
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Management of both hazardous and non hazardous solid waste

  • Industrial Cleaning and management of hazardous and non hazardous solid waste.

Control and prevention of Legionnaire’s disease

Depuragua Canarias, S.L. is committed to Public Health and Safety and holds all the required public liability insurance coverage and sanitary permits. It is duly registered with the Health Authorities:

  • Registered in the Off’icial Register for Biocidal Establishments and Services – Number: ROESB 0500 – LEG.

Field of actions: Hotels, Spas, Public Swimming Pools, Sports Centres, Old People’s Homes, Hospitals, Public Buildings, Car Washes, Cooling Towers, Cisterns, etc…

Maintenance of sewage and industrial water waste plants

The maintenance service offered by Depuragua Canarias, S.L. is a preventive system designed to offer the proper functioning of the facilities. It boasts the technical and human resources necessary to guarantee the best possible service, both of which are subject to constant renovation and improvement.

Authorised management of Solid Waste

Depuragua Canarias, S.L. is committed to Environmental Protection and holds all the necessary public liability coverage and environmental permits required to carry out such work. It is duly registered to manage hazardous and non hazardous solid waste:

  • Authorised to manage the removal of hazardous solid waste – RP-0116-IC.
  • Authorised to manage the removal of non hazardous solid waste – RNP-0632-IC.

Sale of equipment

Depuragua Canarias, S.L. offers the integrated management of any type of water regardless of its origin: hydrocarbon waste, domestic sewage, rainwater, etc., and enjoys the support of prestigious companies in this field.

We are, therefore, able to offer a wide range of the best quality, most efficient equipment (hydrocarbon separators, sewage farms, pumping stations, chlorination systems, etc.), in order to meet our customers’ needs.