About us


Depuragua Canarias, S.L, is a Canarian company, based in the island of Tenerife, with a presence in all seven Canary Islands. We specialise in the treatment of sewage and, in particular, of hydrocarbon waste. Established on 6 June 2003, we are an innovative firm with more than 12 years of experience in this field. Our prime goal has always been to offer a clear alternative in the field of treatment and disposal of wastewater. Throughout our history we have broadened our scope, introducing, for example, a service for the Treatment, Control and Prevention of Legionnaire’s Disease in High-risk Facilities and, since 23 March 2011, we have been registered in the Official Register for Biocidal Establishments and Third Party Services. Our basic working philosophy is to provide the best service, the highest possible quality, along with a complete, thorough technical service. Along these lines, on 28 October 2014, the company implemented the Quality Control System ISO 9001, the Environmental System ISO 14001 and the Safety System OHSAS 18001, receiving certification from the highly prestigious, worldwide company in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), BUREAU VERITAS.

  Environmental protection

We work on a daily basis to respect the environment, finding solutions for all those difficulties which arise in the treatment of wastewater. We also offer a complete maintenance service for all types of facilities, and are recognised and authorised in the Management of Hazardous (RP-0116-IC) and Non Hazardous (RNP-0632-IC) solid waste by the Council for the Environment and the Town and Country Planning Department.

Depuragua Canarias tratamientos de prevención de Legionella

Our highly-qualified staff carry out a maintenance programme to the highest standards using our own equipment. This includes an ADR-certified vacuum truck (according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). Depuragua Canarias, S.L. also enjoys business partnerships with the most prestigious European distributors and enterprises so as to be able to offer our customers the best possible service, at the same time maintaining our strong commitment to environmental protection.

  Health protection

Depuragua Canarias, S.L. is also authorised by the Department of Health to carry out the Control and Prevention of Legionnaire’s Disease in High-risk facilities. All such equipment susceptible to the proliferation of the bacteria is cleaned and disinfected. Registration number – 0500-CAC-LEG.

Manantial naturaleza

Following a thorough inspection of the equipment in question, our highly-qualified staff apply the necessary treatment. We also provide a personalised technical service, which assesses each customer’s specific maintenance and analytical control requirements in accordance with the RD865/2003.