In accordance with Spanish regulations regarding the use of cookies as part of electronic communication services, as set out in Royal Decree, Law 13/2012 of 30 March 2012, the following information is provided regarding the type and purpose of cookies employed on DEPURAGUA CANARIAS, S.L.´s website. Users are also informed that by using this website, they consent to this use of the cookies.


A cookie is a small file which is downloaded onto your computer on entering certain websites. Amongst other actions, these files allow websites to store and recover information regarding users’ browsing habits. Depending on the information contained and how this is used, they also serve as a means of recognising the user. Cookies are associated with anonymous users, your computer or other devices, and do not provide references which might unveil personal data.


  • First party Cookies: These are sent from a device or web domain to the user’s terminal device by the editor/provider in order to provide services or information requested.
  • Third party Cookies: Rather than being sent from a device or web domain to the user’s terminal device by the editor/provider, these are sent by another company which manages the data obtained via the cookies.
  • Session Cookies: These are designed to gather and store data as the user enters a website.
  • Persistant Cookies: These are stored in the user’s terminal, from where they can be accessed and managed by the person who manages that type of cookie during a defined period of time, ranging from a few minutes to several years.
  • Analytics Cookies: These are used by the editor or by third parties to measure the number of visitors to a website, for the purpose of analysis and the drawing up of statistics. Users’ browsing habits of that particular page are analysed so as to improve the service and products offered.
  • Advertising Cookies: When a user requests a service, the editor is able to assess criteria such as the edited content or the frequency at which advertisements are displayed, and therfore manage any advertising space included on the website, application or platform efficiently.
  • Behavioural Advertising Cookies: These also allow the editor to manage the advertising space included on the website, application or platform that provides the service requested. They store information regarding users’ behavioural patterns by means of an on-going observation of his/her browsing habits, from which a specific profile is tailored. The possibility exists that, on opening a website or email in which our products or services are advertised, a cookie may be installed in your browser. This is subsequently used to offer you advertisements related to the searches made, as well as helping the editor to monitor his/her advertising via checks on matters such as the frequency of visits, where the advertisement is placed, peak visiting times, etc.


Third party Cookies. These are necessary for browsing the site. :

  • Google Services (Maps, Docs): APISID, HSID, NID, OGPC, PREF, SAPISID, SID, SSID, NID, PREF, OGPC. These allow users to browse the site, as well as interaction via Google Maps. For more information, please see Google – Cookies.

Analytics Cookies. These collect information regarding how users browse the site. They are used for statistical purposes and the data remains anonymous.

  • Google Analytics: _ga, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz. Collects anonymous information on how the user browses the site with the aim of identifying the origin of the visit, as well as other similar statistical data, without identifying personal data at any time.  For more information, please see Google – Cookies/Analytics.

First party cookies. These allow certain functions or contents to be personalised according to the data obtained from the browser, such as language, regional settings or specific user preferences:

  • Depuragua Canarias: _icl_current_language, _icl_visitor_lang_js. Detects and records the user’s language preferences.
  • Depuragua Canarias: cc_necessary. Records the user’s reading and acceptance of the cookie warning message.

Depuragua Canarias is not liable for the contents or veracity of the privacy policies and cookies employed by third parties in this document. Third party Cookies are installed in other websites belonging to Depuragua Canarias, despite not being users of the following platforms:


Users may access the browser’s settings at any time in order to accept or reject all cookies, or select those he/she finds acceptable or not. Depending on the browser used, the following steps should be followed: